Tuesday, June 16, 2009 11:33 PM

shameless plug to save me 5 bucks.

it is disgusting how long it has been since my last update. not my longest dry spell, but pretty bad, considering all the crazy stuff going on.

thomas & maria's wedding in new orleans happened earlier this month. it was awesome.

anthony's italian restaurant shut down on memorial day. i was working there. whatever.

i left apalachicola earlier this year and moved back to tallahassee. now i might get to move to new orleans! oh snap!
seriously, you guys. i have an interview/stage on thursday and i am so totally pumped i can't stand it. i will be twiting the shit out of the whole thing, thanks to Twikini - Trinket Software, to whom i just linked so they would give me the thing for free. i also have to post this picture:

i don't follow any of those people, i swear. you should follow me (@jamesponder), though.

so long story short, i've let my webpage hand go slack. things have been pretty crazy around here, and i should have been better about keeping you in the loop. but let's all just keep our heads down and power through.
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