Thursday, January 29, 2009 5:58 PM

does anyone care/want to know what i think about the current season of top chef? i notice lots of blogs discussing it, so i thought i'd, sort of, informaly try and get you guys involved in the process more. if you don't want to talk about the show that's fine, too.

while we're on the subject, this is a really good recipe i found online.

also, if you're reading this and you're james g, melissa g, mary g, michelle g, chelsea & jason please come visit me this weekend. we can watch the superbowl! and eat chicken wings!!! i haven't had chicken wings since monday. i don't know if i'll make it to superbowl sunday. actually, lets go to tallahassee to watch it b/c there are no good chicken wings in apalach. of course, all the good wing places will be packed for the superbowl. Dilemarrgh!

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